Project Engineer
Cavan, Monaghan
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Cavan, Monaghan

Project Engineer

Project Engineer

GerTEK Project Management & Technical Services is seeking to recruit an experienced Project Engineer to join our team.

Primary Function and Objectives

  • The correct Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) must be worn at all times. Consult the appropriate SOP where required.
  • The Projects Engineer is responsible for consulting any SOP’s for any job task he/she may carry out and ensure they fully understand and adhere to the SOP.
  • Housekeeping is a critical function of all jobs and the Projects Engineer is expected to ensure all craftsmen working under his/her supervision ensure housekeeping activities are observed and carried out appropriately. It is important that the Projects Engineer is in adherence to the Housekeeping SOP.
  • It is important that GMP is a main priority in any operation carried out in this job function.
  • He/she must help establish with the Engineering & EHS Manager the departmental goals, schedules and timetables for activities.
  • Establish communication lines with all other departments e.g. Manufacturing, Q.A., Materials, Human Resources, Technical Operation Support and Finance.
  • Plan and schedule work in accordance with plant demand and available manpower.
  • Maintain adequate stores stock levels and ensure proper in/out control.
  • Ensure compliance with GMP & Environmental requirements.
  • Responsible for promoting good employee relations.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors under his/her direction are fully familiar with all Safety Rules Regulations.
  • Ensure all efforts are made to reduce product cost by improving efficiencies.
  • Ensure no faults occur and if they do ensure adjustments are made and checks carried out until no fault exists.
  • Ensure all P.M.’s plant forms are completed accurately and maintained accordingly.
  • Ensure all employees follow correct procedure when carrying out hotwork and confined space entry ensuring work permits are fully in compliance with SOPs.
  • When working on equipment ensure the correct lockout – tag out procedure is adhered to.
  • Ensure adherence to Working from Heights Code of Practice is followed.
  • This job function will change where update procedures to GMP, EHS, Technical/New Equipment, Quality procedures and SOPs are made.
  • This list of responsibilities may change depending on plant needs and employees are expected to be adaptable and flexible where this need arises.
  • Manage department finances within the annual organizational plan.
  • Deputise for other Engineers in their absence.
  • Support Business Excellence initiative in the plant.
  • This list of responsibilities may change depending on plant needs and employees are expected to be adaptable and flexible where this need arises.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for capital investment in area of responsibility.
  • To contribute to the organisation and planning of the Engineering & EHS Department.
  •  Responsible for equipment changes to drive OEE improvement.
  • To contribute to the organization and planning of the engineering department.
    Accountability / Scope
  • Considerable and continual care and attention is needed to avoid substantial damage to equipment.
  • Continual attention needed to ensure plant reaches its annual production plan.
  • Failure on the incumbent part not to exercise due care could cause repeated small losses or occasional damage.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent discipline.
  • 3 years relevant experience in Engineering.
  • The ability to organise, motivate and understand people.


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